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Founded in 2015, Access48 is a signage studio that uses today’s technology to make signage quickly without compromising quality. With in house capabilities, such as, design, laser cutting and engraving, ADA braille, and custom fabrication, Access48 is able to materialize ideas and concepts into reality.

Typical turn around times for interior signs were long and the demand for fast production was high, so Access48 began offering signage within 48 hours of ordering. Online platforms, such as Amazon and Ebay, have grown our local market to a nationwide presence.


With a genuine love for design, Morgan has been servicing the needs of small and large-scale businesses since 2009. Beginning with her early days as a Project Manager, she honed her craft and quickly partnered to create her first company where she served as the artistic backbone. 

Those formative years as an entrepreneur sparked a curiosity into not just how things look but how they are made. This lead Morgan to develop a passion for the fabrication side of design and purchase her own laser machine. Teaching herself how to use it, a world of possibilities began to unfold where anything she imagined could spring to life. 

Morgan funneled her creativity into her new company, Access48, where she has quickly made a name for herself as a one-stop shop design studio. She skillfully conceives and produces superior signage and design elements for her clients, often with very fast turnarounds. 

Morgan prides herself on building a company that’s not only fun to work for, but one where her employees enjoy transparency from the top down. She believes that jobs will always run smoother when everyone is on the same page.

Most days you’ll find Morgan doing hot yoga, enjoying the outdoors, always with her dogs by her side. 

Morgan Dobbins


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Production Manager
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Estimator / Client Relations
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